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While Thad knew of several different sentient races, outside of Brainiac 5 and on very rare occasion other Legion members, he hardly came in contact with them. Based on what he had been allowed to research, he couldn’t match up the being with any race he was aware of. Then again, he was only assuming they were from another planet. Perhaps they were merely a mutation of some sort?

"Hello" Thad greeted in a soft cold tone that seemed to be his default around strangers. "Who are you?" 

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“Oh, and who might you be~?” She smirked slightly, hands going to her hips.

Looking the girl over critically as he was asked to identify himself to her, she looked almost shockingly “normal” compared to most people he encountered. Though…her clothing seemed off. Not that he payed all that much attention to fashion but…the clothing didn’t look like anything for this century. It looked more like…

"Inertia," He replied after a moment. The question he wanted to ask was ‘what century are you from’ but instead he simply inquired "and you?"

  • me:[walking past book store]
  • mom:no
"I have been faring well. Terribly busy, but well nonetheless. What about yourself?" He replied, not really shifting his position at all, but allowing Thad to adjust himself, in case the added weight of Querl's head caused any discomfort.

Reassured, he allowed himself to relax a little more, and nodded. “I’ve also been well. Not quite as busy, outside of work and adjusting to the twins.” There was a pause as he contemplated saying something else, but seemed uncertain and eventually just let it go. Deciding it was too sentimental, or needing sounding, on top of being unnecessary; something that should go without saying.

Thad, I need money for new shoes. Have you seen mom?

Blinked down at his younger brother, he took a quick look to his feet (as if he would be wearing the shoes inside the house), then looked around the general vicinity (as if he would be asking for his mom despite her being in plain sight). Of coarse she wasn’t there. “Um…I’m not certain at the moment actually.” He admitted, then after a pause offered, “Perhaps I could be of assistance, though. I should have sufficient funds for such a purchase.”

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"This is the part where I say something meaningless and lace it with gibberish to command your attention. Because having your attention is nice." Querl stated, barely pausing for breath, as he let his head rest against Thad's shoulder.

“Well, that was wonderfully direct.” He replied with a light smile “Not sure I’ve ever been greeted in quite that fashion before.” In response to Querl laying his head on his shoulder he lightly, almost hesitantly, brushed fingers though the hair close to ear. Noting the lack of pause Querl took while speaking, arose a small pang of concern; but not wanting to jump to conclusions Thad indulged it with a innocent question of “How are you” 

"No, thankfully that faze of my life seems to be over for now."

Thad nodded. Having not heard her during the night anymore, he had assumed, or at least hoped that the night-terrors had stopped, but hearing her actually say she was doing better was reassuring. 

“I’m glad to hear it.”

Without a word, Querl seemed to let himself collapse onto Thad, burying his head into the other's shoulder. He didn't make much noise, but the heaving of his chest, and how his eyes wet the other's jacket, were enough to make the point of his stuttering clear.

Startled by the other boy’s wordless collapse onto him, Thad still managed to have the sense to wrap his arms around Querl, as he felt him bury his face in his shoulder. It took a moment for his mind to fully registrar just what had happened, and to make sense of the sound of faint sobbing so close to his ear.

Panic at the thought of what could have possibly happened to throw him in to this state flooded Thad’s mind. The only other time he had seen Querl like this, had been after a spat with Superman, when his inhibitors had been malfunctioning. He severely doubted this was over something quite so innocuous, and his paranoia consciousness was all to quick to offer up all the horrible things that could have possibly happened to cause Querl to break down like this. 

Knowing he should say something, at least make an effort an to be comforting, he opened his mouth, but his mind offered no words to put forth. What few instincts he had for being consoling insisted he say everything would be okay. But his logic wouldn’t allow for it, not when it could so easily be a empty promise. 

It didn’t take him long to give up on words completely, instead shifting his hold on the other boy to something more protective. Rubbing small circles between his shoulder blades in the same way Iris had once held him.


“Querl?” Concern forced it’s way in to Thad’s expression at hearing Querl stutter. “Is something wrong?”

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Bart looked down, a little sadly. His normal care-free complexion had just disappeared entirely. He wore an obviously faked smile to deceive those who looked at him. “Lonely.” His answer was brief but true, he had never felt more alone than he had as of late. Maybe that’s why Bart began to reconsider Thad’s position in all this. Perhaps, he was just looking for someone to talk to.

Of all the things he had expected Bart to say, that had not been it. Not to him of all people. He had watched this boy’s entire life (or at least a large portion of it, what wasn’t fabricated by Thawne), it was hard to be surprised by him, but this…even if he was feeling this way, why say it to him of all people? Why allow himself to be so vulnerable? He couldn’t possibly be looking to be consoled. He had to know he was just about the last place to go to for that. Understanding perhaps?

"Lonely how? Don’t you have you’re friends? You’re family?" The idea of Bart of all people being lonely was a baffling one. He was someone constantly surrounded by people who cared for and encouraged him. From all Thad had seen, Bart had a way of drawing people to him, without so much as putting a spot of effort in to it. He’d been one of the most well liked kid’s at his school (at least when it came to the other children). And seemed to have earned the reputation of being the little brother to the larger part of the superhero community.

But then, this was a side of Bart he’d never really seen. Not in person at least. Moments where he had been like this, had always been rare and fairly brief in the recordings. Seeing it in person was, a bit off putting. Like seeing a completely different person.

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